Tentative Oxford Attack Teams – 2021-22


Do you have a Son or Daughter born between 2003 & 2011, that are interested in playing Competitive Basketball this year?
The Oxford Attack Basketball Club (Woodstock Area) is actively seeking new & existing players to join the 2021/2022 season teams,
Below is a list of the current planned teams based on availability of Coaches.
If you have an interested Player or you are interested in Coaching, please contact:
Trevor Padfield (Attack Vice President)
Paul Cowan (Attack President)
We are currently gathering numbers for the following Teams:
U10 Girls team (born 2012 or younger),
U10 Boys team (born 2012 or younger),
U12 Girls team (Born 2010 or younger)
U12 Boys team (Born 2010 or younger)
U13 Boys Team (born 2009 or younger)
U14 Boys Team (born 2008 or younger)
U15 Boys 1 Team (born 2007 or younger)
U15 Boys 2 Team (born 2007 or younger)
U16 Girls Team (born 2006 or younger)
U16 Boys Team (born 2006 or younger)
U17 Boys Team (born 2005 or younger)
U19 Women’s Team (born 2003 or younger)
U19 Men’s Team (born 2003 or younger)

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